Autograph case from Ansbach/Germany

310072  Maker: A. H. Louise Schlichting, Ansbach. Autograph book of a woman from Ansbach. Leather case with gold & blind tooled ornaments on both covers, & with the title ALBUM on the upper cover in gilt lettering. Inside: 17 sheets (gilt edge) with inscriptions dated 1858-1866, among which 3 are illustrated and 3 decorated with plaited hair wreaths sewn on. 93x150 mm. 1858-1866.

The illustrations are small hand-colored genre lithographs. One of them has a frame of die-cut lace and shows at the back a dedication In German: In memory of my sister Marie Wilhelmine Schlichting who left for America September 6 1858 (our translation). Further names: Karolina Schlichting, Line Dollfuß, Babette Hofmann, Marie Diemer, Babetta Hübsch, Louis Glatterer, Georg Vogel, Anna Borsch (?), Lisette Schlichting, Ernestine Köhler, Lina Köhler, Caroline Fasching, Maria Gehweyer, Lisette Böhmländer und G. Winter (?), all Ansbach.

Edges of the case faintly rubbed, inside hinge split, some spotting at the paper, otherwise very good conservation.


$ 294.33

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