Aechter Aromatique Magen-Liqueur

200 years ago, the pharmacist Th. Lappe from Neudietendorf in Thuringia mixed a stomach liqueur from all kinds of health-promoting herbs. Its healing effect may also have been due to the alcohol. 40 per cent can have quite an effect. An interesting article on the history of this liqueur was published in the Deutsche Apotheker-Zeitung. You can find it here:  Now the charming label adorns a magnet.

The strong magnet measure 6 by 9,7 cm.

Each of these objects from Cornelia Kurtz's workshop is unique. Rummaged up by Cartobook in forgotten boxes and drawers, the individual paper antiques are now appearing in public and now seem as fresh as they did when they were made and distributed with care.


$ 10.19

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