Very special: Antiquarian bookshop + vineyard

Now we are wine-growers

It was beyond imagination that we ever could become wine-growers. But to the house we found belonged a vineyard. And so we now assumingly are the only antiquarian bookshop far and wide with associated vineyard. Cool, right?

Struggle and sweat

But nothing will come of nothing and so first come struggle and sweat. You can see here in the video what a paper-pusher is able to achieve when he has in prospect a golden yellow sip in his glass. Or even more.


No compassion please

But because that is not the only piece of work we'd like to record also the next steps on our steep slopes – cut, mow, clean out etc. No compassion please. He had it coming.

Our companion winery

We don't press the grapes ourselves. This is done by the young cellarer of our companion winery Freiherr von Landenberg in Eller. By the way: the winery's apartments are the right place to enjoy a little time-out from daily routine. An ideal sojourn.

Absolute rest

Our "Osterlämmchen" (Easter lamb) is "bottle-sick". The doctor - cellarer, that is - has ordered absolute rest. The shock waves of being bottled are still high. It will stand a couple of weeks now. But then the riesling will develop its famous bouquet, of which expert Daniel already says that it will be a very special one. A dry riesling from the steep lays of the Moselle, precisely. Suspense!


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