Start into "Second Life"

What to do with old treasures?

How often do we come upon utterly delightful paper objects – beautifully designed, often colourful and charming labels, wrappers, greeting cards, collector's cards, advertising brochures – which sadly have no market value?

It would take a stroke of luck for a collector to come to our shop and be delighted by this one piece, so far disregarded by the whole world. We needed to find a better way to present these treasures.

Cornelia Kurtz and her artwork

Our search led us to Cornelia Kurtz, an esteemed bookbinder, illustrator, painter and draughtswoman who is helping us give these enchanting paper treasures a ‘Second Life’.

This is also the name of our new section.

As yet, the selection is manageable. You will be delighted by picture boxes, magnets, notebooks and folding boxes.

In their new guise the old papers suddenly seem so fresh, so modern, that they even appeal to those who previously had no interest in ‘bits of old paper’. In other words, this is a section for beginners.

Bits of old paper?

Cornelia Kurtz is an artist with great sensitivity and respect for the artistic skills of past generations. Paper antiques are in good hands. In her studio, she loves to work with old materials and remnants that she has rescued from closed-down workshops.

Unique jewellery by Angela Joschko

Yoschko Paper + Pearls also joins this section. Angela Joschko creates unique jewellery, giving discarded playing cards a ‘Second Life’. Often the card decks still look brand new with beautiful graphic patterns on the backs. And often, quite unexpectedly during the creative process, the front turns out to be the more charming side. And then the game begins – combining patterns, different shapes and colours, with beads and other jewellery elements.

Many necklaces hold a hidden story; fragments from the London street map, for example. Where do they lead us? Or the ominous men at an airport at night - what are they doing there?

These necklaces are little personalities and each has a name. Each is unique, because once the pattern is used, it disappears back into the archive and is not used again.


Adieu Cartovin!

We are taking leave of the ‘Cartovin’ section. Our vineyard still exists, but in a reduced form. Organic viticulture in the typically steep slopes of the Moselle is incredibly time-consuming. And we want to do it properly.

So we have given up one part and cut the vines into manageable pieces – to feed the stove.

Jean Darquenne still works the smaller vineyard according to ‘Bioland’ criteria and we will continue to deliver the grapes to our friends at the Freiherr von Landenberg vineyard .

Why did we keep one vineyard? There has to be a little wine. After all, we don't want to deprive ourselves of the pleasure of the annual grape harvest with friends and relatives.

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