Cartobook remains confident

Start of spring with temperature drop

Start of spring with temperature drop and snow flurries over the Moselle. The pink blossom tuffs of the peach trees must have got a proper fright. But somehow it also fits the frosty mood in Europe. Who can listen impartially to the chirping of blackbirds, thrushes, finches and starlings while rockets are hitting Ukraine, entire city districts are crashing and caravans of refugees are running away from the danger to their lives?


A surprising find

Against this background, one of our treasures unexpectedly enters the front row: folk art from Ukraine.

It is the album of an unknown person, who with great care recorded by hand traditional patterns of wall paintings and embroidery patterns for textiles and inscribed them in German.

I wonder who it was? And why in German?

Of course, we hope that this book will not be needed when it comes to reconstruction one day, that enough originals of this kind of folk art - painted house walls, embroidered men's shirts - survived the murderous destruction.

It would have been so beautiful....

This was also found in our trove:

"Weapons rest! In cheerful merriment all desire for fight and quarrel is lost".

This postcard shows a Russian, a German and a Frenchman playing cards. It is postmarked 29.7.1899, the last day of the Hague Peace Conference. Tsar Nicholas had initiated it in 1898 on the grounds that otherwise "a catastrophe" was imminent. The conferences were the first attempt by the international community to abolish war as an institution. The intention was to prohibit the use of arms and instead to make the legal process binding.(Quote from Wikipedia)

What remained of this intention, then we see now.

Cartobook remains confident


"The more we let our accustomed lives be affected by Putin's threat, the more the mass murderer has achieved in his hatred of our liberal system." That's what a journalist recently wrote in "WELTKUNST".

And that's why we fall back on the artistic postcards of bookbinder Cornelia Kurtz, which we included in our store at the beginning of the Corona pandemic as part of the "Courage-raising action" and remain so now:


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