Cartobook is published!

Cartobook at the start

It's so wonderful that you are with us in this exciting moment when our new antiquarian shop „Cartobook and fine memories" goes public. The online shelves are not yet filled, but that's a start.

Fine memories

„Fine memories“ gathers all those fantastic things that remind of the past, but just not necessarily made of paper.Fine

Yoschko - Paper + Pearls

"Yoschko - Paper + Pearls" also belongs to the „fine memories“. For this line of jewelry links vintage playing cards with beads to offbeat necklaces – each one is unique. Thrilling is that stories often are hidden behind the cards. You just need to have a close look.


And Cartovin? This truly is something else. But, given the fact that a vineyard was part of our new domicile on the Moselle, so we had to become sideline vintners almost overnight – and know now to appreciate the hard work of our „colleagues“ on the steep terraces of the Moselle.

Stories about antiquarian treasures

In the blog we'll also tell about the wine, yet it will mainly be stories of all these antiquarian treasures. Who would know that people from the best society devoted themselves to cutting images in order to paste them down on chests and firescreens? Or that visiting tickets once became so rampant that quite a few households would attach a label at their door like today's letterbox sign „No advertising material“.

Fair in Colmar/France

But for the time being we are preparing for the "Salon Européen du Livre Ancien et de la Gravure" (SELAC) in Colmar, a long-standing fair for lovers of rare old books, prints, autographs and so on.

Save the date

You might fancy a spring journey to Alsace and pay us a visit on Saturday, March 2, or Sunday, March 3, 2019. You'll find us in the center of historic downtown, in the „Koifhus“ (Old Customhouse), booth 28.

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