Art on the river between Trier and Koblenz

A really "hot" weekend

What a weekend in the middle of July 2022! One would think that life would have come to a standstill with such extreme temperatures - close to 40 degrees Celsius. Not so! For the first time there was "Art on the River" on the Moselle from Trier to Koblenz and we were part of it. Together with our wonderful bookbinder and illustrator Cornelia Kurtz from Boppard we offered marbling.

Never in our dreams did we expect that there would be such a rush. And then, indeed, 52 visitors of all ages came to our terrace to try their hand at marbling - even seasoned men like our village blacksmith got involved in the adventure. The pleasure was great - on both sides. Even though we - Cornelia, Jean and I - were so busy that there was not even time for lunch.


What delighted the children.....

One thing in particular surprised us: The children discovered the electric question and answer games in our small, fine antique store and were blown away. I wonder if a seed has now been planted and a love for their great-grandparents' treasures will awaken at some point in the future?

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